If you have recently walked through a shopping centre, you’ve likely seen all different types of fidget toys on display, mainly the hugely popular ‘pop it’ toys. If your child experiences anxiety or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), fidget toys are not just a passing trend. Those with ADHD and anxiety who rely on fidget tools to focus and regulate know how important they are.

Where does the need to fidget originate?

As children grow, they develop self-regulation skills to help them process their environments without becoming overwhelmed. Parents help this growth by providing children with the tools they need to manage sensory processing, emotional regulation, and social skills. These tools may include a snuggly blanket to help them calm down for a nap or a dummy to help manage emotional responses. Whatever your parenting philosophy, your reasoning for supporting your child is the same: to facilitate their development and ability to regulate themselves.


Self-regulation takes extra work for some children, especially neurodiverse kids with anxiety, ADHD, or other complex needs. Parents need to look for alternatives to help their kids manage, turning to us here at Sister Sensory and our oasis of sensory tools for autism and anxiety.   

Fidgeting can help concentration

2015 study found hyperactive movements associated with ADHD help people focus better. In other words, the constant movement was calming for those with ADHD. Given that hyperactivity is a natural state for children with ADHD, asking them to stop fidgeting hindered their focus. It became apparent that some neurodiverse children could learn better when allowed to fidget.

What is a sensory fidget toy, and how does it help?

Fidget toys aid with focus and attention by allowing the user’s brain to filter extraneous sensory information. These toys keep hands busy with simple, repetitive movements, allowing the user to “tune out” distractions and helping them manage their anxiety.

What kind of sensory fidget toy should I buy?

Fidgets can be handheldkept on a keyring, fit on your finger, or suitable for classroom use. Think of Sister Sensory as an oasis of sensory toys and tools in a desert filled with cheap imitations. Our carefully curated product collection provides a range of options for all ages and levels of interaction. 

Why choose Sister Sensory for your sensory fidget toys in Australia?

Sister Sensory is Australia’s number one choice for sensory toys and tools for those with anxiety, ADHD, and other neuro-diversities. We understand children with autism and different needs require a unique range of interactive options and are proud of our extensive product catalogue.


As a registered NDIS provider, we stock a range of Australian autism sensory tools and offer a selection of fidget toys for those coping with ADHD and anxiety. Our products are updated regularly to make sure your neurodiverse kids experience the latest and greatest products.


We are fully online, so don’t let lockdowns stop you from finding the fidget toys you need. Contact us today for more information or start curating the perfect gift registry ready for Christmas.