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Many children with autism or other neurodiverse conditions suffer from anxiety and overwhelm. They may not communicate their feelings clearly, resulting in a meltdown. Outwards signs of overwhelm and stress can include sensory avoidance, where they place hands over the ears, close their eyes, or physically remove themselves from a location. Signs of stress can also increase repetitive behaviours such as touching the same objects repeatedly, flapping their hands, rocking, or other movements.

Most of these behaviours are an attempt at self-calming. It is essential to have a range of products on hand to help them calm down. If a meltdown or outburst happens, try not to teach a calming technique at that moment. Let the moment pass and allow time for processing. Offer reassurance and a soothing aid when the person is back in control. Our range of soothing aids helps neurodiverse children and adults calm down and self-regulate their behaviour.

From weighted blankets and toys to meditation aids and sensory tents, Sister Sensory has a soothing resource suitable for you.

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