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Sensory activities help your child grow. Sensory play is vital whether they have autism, ADHD, ASP, or other neurodiverse conditions. Noisy surroundings and strained atmospheres can cause our neurodiverse children to become anxious and irritable.

While every child is different, many autistic and neurodiverse children share similar characteristics and often struggle to socialise, empathise and join in with imaginative play.

Our range of sensory toys can help them improve by simply encouraging them to engage in sensory play, including using touch and taste activities for kids and various light-up and auditory toys.

Sensory play helps them discover imaginative ways to play, enjoy and interact with their toys while using all senses. Different children have individual preferences and can use sensory play kits, board games, stress ballswater play, and more to help them grow and develop.

Sensory play can develop autistic children by improving their coordination, cognitive function, social skills, and problem-solving.

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