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The physical learning environment can significantly impact children and young people on the autism spectrum and those with other neurodiverse conditions, whether in the classroom or at home. It is essential to reduce as many barriers as possible and to set students up for success in a predictable and calm environment.

Neurodiverse children often learn differently. Our range of learning resources at Sister Sensory can help you support children with different learning needs. Our products include social stories, visual prompts, visual timetables, visual schedules, and many more. Our goal is to provide you with the learning resources you need to create tailored teaching aids to suit the needs of individual students.

From time trackers and clocks to wall charts displaying tasks and rewards, choosing the right learning resources can transform the education experience for neurodiverse children. Our extensive educational products will help you navigate the often-tricky primary years with fun and engaging reading, writing, and comprehension options.

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