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Finding the perfect gift for neuro and sensory-diverse people in your life can be challenging, which is why we've created a special gift registry feature for our sensory solutions online shop here in Australia.

Our range of sensory tools, toys, and educational resources are perfect for children and adults with special needs, including autism and ADHD. Here at Sister Sensory, you're sure to find a wonderful, unique gift - and remember, every one of our products is tested by us - if it isn't easy or enjoyable to play with, we don't sell it. Our personal journey has led us to create this sensory tool collection, and we hope you love it as much as we do. It's simple If you see a gift you like while browsing, use the Gift Registry tab to add it to your personal collection.

Either create a Sister Sensory Gift Registry account that tracks your purchases or log in as a Guest. The gift registry allows you to choose appropriate gifts for your child – ones you know they will find fun, useful, and suited to their unique needs. Once you've created your list, share it with friends and family, knowing your neuro-diverse child will never receive an unsuitable gift again! By sharing your list, anyone you have selected can view and purchase an item simply by clicking on the toy they like and adding it to their cart.

When someone buys an item from a list, the purchase is tracked so the list owner (you) can see someone has bought that particular item. Easy! The purchaser can opt to write a message that gets automatically sent to the gift registry owner at the checkout. The shopper can also decide whether to ship the gift to the list owner or themselves. We hope this simple service will bring joy and laughter to sensory and neuro-diverse children across Australia, so if your special one has a birthday coming up, it's time to create your first gift list!

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