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Oral sensory seekers love our range of oral and chew products. Our products are an excellent way to provide oral stimulation and exercise the mouth muscles while building oral tone. They also help the user to practice biting and chewing skills safely and hygienically. Many children on the Autism Spectrum or those with other neurodiverse conditions and additional needs are often orally fixated. The compulsion to chew or bite can be overwhelming and can result in them sucking or biting on their shirt sleeves or, in some cases, their hands or knuckles.

Many neurodiverse children and adults find chewing calming, a relief from external distractions, and a way of coping when they feel overwhelmed. Chewing becomes a coping strategy for drowning out sensory input. Our range of oral chews provides a safer and more hygienic alternative. From our baby chews to our chew necklacesbracelets, and pencil toppers, we have a product for you if your child is a chewer.

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