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Here at Sister Sensory, we are Australia’s number one choice for sensory toys. We understand the best toys that are required for helping children with autism and other special needs. We also stock a selection of fidget toys for ADHD and anxiety. We update our products on an almost daily basis to ensure that we stock what is trending and what meets our children’s needs.

We all love toys and we really enjoy the delight that we see on a child’s face when they discover a new toy that they find enjoyable as well as providing some therapeutic benefit. Our sensory therapy toys are designed to drive your child’s imagination and creativity. These toys provide hours of enjoyment whilst at the same time serving an educational purpose.

At Sister Sensory, we believe that all children should be able to play and enjoy life to the full. Our toys meet the needs of children with a range of difficulties and encourage their personal development in a fun and entertaining way. We stock some of the best toys for autism that will help your child to express themselves and increase their interaction with others. As we stock a selection of different toys so we will be able to offer something that provides a new challenge and added stimulation.

In addition to our standard sensory toys, we have a collection of sensory chew toys that will once again help your child’s development. We also have deep pressure items that can assist with balance and movement and once again help your child’s physical development. Many of the toys can be used together in order to enhance your child’s overall experience, providing hours of entertainment and stimulation.

Of course, we have a range of educational toys available that can help build basic skills along with helping with literacy, language and mathematics. This includes games and puzzles that make learning fun and enjoyable. We can also help your child learn to tell the time with our range of easy to read clocks and watches.

Fidget toys are growing in popularity and we frequently see them advertised. Included in our range are fidget toys for adults that can help with anxiety or just provide entertainment. We stock the latest products that are in vogue at the present time and constantly look for new and innovative products that provide entertainment, education and stimulation.

Our range is being constantly updated and our conscientious teams are always available to answer your questions, make suggestions and offer advice. We know what toys suit different situations and we will always be on hand to guide you with regards to the products that are most appropriate.

If you would like more information about our sensory toys, autism toys along with our fidget toys you can call us on +61 401 689 313, email us on or alternatively contact us via our website. We accept all major credit cards, payments made via PayPal as well as via direct debit. You can view our site for shipping details.