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During childhood, play is where children can make friendships, learn social skills, and understand expected group behaviour, consequences, turn-taking, and cooperation. And of course, have fun. Children with autism or other neurodiverse conditions can find educational games a fantastic way to learn these skills at their pace and in an appropriate environment. As with many concepts, your autistic or neurodiverse child might need explicit instruction, support, and adaptations to ensure they experience success.

One of the biggest challenges parents, teachers, and carers face with neurodiverse children is how to engage them successfully in play. Our range of educational games helps children learn through play in engaging and fun ways. From speed spelling games to dominoes, our educational games complement classroom learning and are fun for the whole family.

Let your child explore through play and see them blossom. Flash cards can help identify emotions, and our Tell the time cards will help them learn to read an analogue clock.

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