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Our range of sensory seating helps children who constantly fidget when seated in the classroom or at home. Chronic fidgeters are typically called ‘sensory seekers ‘and may have sensory processing disorder or autism. Often, they are looking for more sensory input through balance and movement. Sensory seating can support their need for movement without disrupting classroom productivity.

Proprioception refers to body awareness. For children (and adults) with poor proprioceptive awareness, movement helps them to ‘know’ where their body is. It helps them understand where they are in space.

Sensory seating’s purpose is to allow these neurodiverse children to move about appropriately. Rather than constant rocking or walking, the sensory seating or cushion gives the child a way to move about in their seat.

Our range of sensory seating includes wobble boardsstoolsbouncy chairs, and many more. We even have a Calming Cloud chair to help your child calm down when overstimulated.

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