Durable, ASD Toys Available Online for your Classroom

It’s been years since you’ve been approved to get supplies. For the last two years, new ASD specialties toys you found online came out of your pocket whenever an old tool broke. You have already started a list of brands and products that turned out …read more.

Buy Autism Spectrum Disorder Specialty Toys Online for your Classroom

Full and partial inclusion programs are becoming the preferred educational plan for students who are on the Autism spectrum. As a teacher, however, meeting the needs of all your students while keeping them engaged and growing has become more complicated …read more.

Sister Sensory’s Autism Spectrum Toys Online Store Rescues Parents

All the signs were there, but you still were not ready for the news. Your child has been diagnosed with Autism. As shock clears and reality settles back in, it’s time to get proactive. Autism is certainly not a death sentence, and resources for parents …read more.

Australia: Weighted Toys Help SPD, ADHD, and ASD Children

Since they were young, your little angel has been… picky. Everything must be just so, or the risk of a meltdown is imminently possible. So far, it has seemed easier to avoid certain fabrics in their clothing, keep food from touching on their plate, and …read more.

Jumping for Fun and Learning with Special Needs Specialty Toys Online in Australia

There’s much more to jumping than up and down! Jumping requires coordination and teaches motor skills and helps develop strength, balance, and more. For under-responsive kids, jumping can help encourage alertness; for sensory-seeking …read more.

Choosing Autism Specialty Toys Online in Australia

Children with ASD often have entirely different toy preferences than their peers. Trying to find the right toys for your child and striking out over and over can be frustrating. However, there are some helpful tips you can take into consideration to …read more.

How Specialty Fidget Toys Help Kids with Autism and Where to Find Them Online in Australia

There may be no way to cure autism, but you can do a lot to alleviate the symptoms. One of the most important things you can do for a child with ASD is to address any sensory symptoms he or she may have. Children (and some adults) with autism tend to …read more.

Benefits of Autism Chew Toys; Online Chew Necklaces and Toys in Australia

For children with special needs, particularly those with ASD, chewing is a common behaviour. Kids with sensory issues may feel compelled to chew on items such as clothes, paper, toys, or other objects. Some children have Sensory Processing …read more.

Signs Your Child May Need Special Needs Specialty Sensory Toys Online in Australia

Your senses may seem straightforward enough to you: sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch are things familiar to you. However, the sensory system is highly complex. Interpreting and processing sensory-motor information require a well-orchestrated …read more.

Your Child Can Thrive with Our Autism Sensory Toys for Toddlers

If you have a toddler with autism or are looking to give a gift to a child on the autism spectrum, you may be curious about what toys are most appropriate. Many doctors and therapists have touted the benefits of autism sensory toys for kids. …read more.

See How Behavioural Sensory Toys for Children Can Help Calm and Educate

Many parents of autistic children are advised to provide their kids with sensory toys. You may be curious how these products can help your child work through challenging behaviours or provide comfort during stressful situations. If a child in …read more.

Buy Sensory Chew Toys Online and See Results in Your Child

It’s no secret that the world is more complicated in some ways for children with autism. In a busy and noisy world that expects a lot of social interaction from kids, autistic children may feel they are constantly under threat leading to volatile or …read more.


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