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Special Needs Specialty Toys Online – Australia

There’s much more to jumping than up and down! Jumping requires coordination and teaches motor skills and helps develop strength, balance, and more. For under-responsive kids, jumping can help encourage alertness; for sensory-seeking individuals, it’s just plain fun. Children often begin jumping naturally between the ages of two and three years, although some don’t start until a bit later. Jumping is a healthy activity that’s good for the mind and body.

Education through Jumping

Jumping is an excellent way to teach counting. Skipping rope, jumping on a pogo or other toy, or just jumping are all activities that naturally lend themselves to counting and other lessons. How many times can you jump? How high can you jump? Can you jump over one log? How about two? You can also teach your child to count by two, by five, or by another number as he or she jumps.

Furthermore, children learn body awareness through jumping. Jumping up and coming back down to the ground (with eyes open or closed) teaches kids to be more aware of their bodies and concepts such as balance and gravity. You can introduce variations such as jumping on one foot, jumping while clapping, jumping sideways, jumping and spinning in a circle, jumping with shoes on and off, and more. Jumping can also be used in the classroom; consider having kids call out answers as they jump. It also wakes kids up and makes them more alert.

Health through Jumping

Jumping benefits heart health, bone strength, and more. As a demanding exercise, jumping increases oxygen intake and heart rate and stimulates blood circulation. Like most exercise, it also makes you feel good afterwards! Jumping can be an effective way to regulate energy, too: it can provide a needed sensory break when your child’s energy levels are too low or high. All children need physical movement, but it can have unique benefits for kids with ASD, such as decreasing negative, self-stimulating, or self-harming behaviours. Exercise of all kinds also affords children the opportunity to engage in a social activity with their peers. And jumping is an activity almost all kids enjoy.

Where to Buy Special Needs Specialty Toys in Australia

Looking for specialty jumping toys online? At Sister Sensory, we provide special needs toys online for people with ASD. Our Zoingo Boingo Pogo is perfect for jumping! Your child will love bouncing, spinning, changing direction, and more on this “pogo stick on a ball.” Help your child focus, use excess energy, learn, and have a blast all at once with our special needs toys in Australia. We offer a wide variety of therapy toys including weighted toys, fidget toys, chewables, and other sensory toys for kids who need that additional sensory input. Our dedication to quality and excellent customer service make Sister Sensory the right place to order toys that can change your child’s life. We also offer quick order processing and FREE local shipping. Order the Zoingo Boingo or other practical sensory toys today!

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Special Needs Specialty Sensory Toys Online – Australia

Your senses may seem straightforward enough to you: sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch are things familiar to you. However, the sensory system is highly complex. Interpreting and processing sensory-motor information require a well-orchestrated nervous system. Individuals with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) have brains that do not perceive sensory information accurately. The result can be unusual behaviours; precisely which ones depend on whether the individual is under-responsive, over-responsive, or sensory-seeking.

Sensory Over-Responders

Children who over-respond to stimuli find that things often seem too loud, too heavy, too hard, too sticky, or just “too much” in some other way. These kids usually do not like getting messy, noisy, crowded events, or even seemingly insignificant things such as clothing tags. They may display a fear of sudden noises or sounds such as the toilet flushing, silverware clanking, or high-pitched sounds. Background noise may be too distracting for these children, and they may react negatively to unexpected touch and shy away from hugs or cuddling. Special needs sensory toys online can help, such as weighted blankets, soothing music, and calming swings.

Sensory Under-Responders

Kids who are sensory under-responders may not hear you when you call their names, or they may lose things such as their backpacks. They may tend to be forgetful and unorganised. These children may exhibit poor balance, uncoordinated movements, or absentmindedness. They may have an unusually high tolerance to cold or pain. They may also miss visual cues that others find obvious. The upside of this type of disorder is that these individuals tend to be relaxed and don’t often overreact to pressure. Therapy toys such as timers, fidget toys, therapy balls, and other special needs specialty toys in Australia can help them reign in their focus and enhance response.

Sensory Seekers

Sensory seekers tend to be constantly grabbing, touching, pushing, pulling, jumping, shouting, or chewing. These kids may get into trouble often because they haven’t mastered the appropriate use of their energy. They may display a constant need to touch people or things; they may also seem to lack understanding of personal space. Sensory-seeking children may not know their own strength and may accidentally harm pets or other children when playing. They may be unable to sit still and fidget a lot. On the plus side, they tend to be alert, energetic, and creative. They can benefit from special needs sensory toys in Australia such as eye-hand coordination games, jumping toys, swings, and more.

Where to Buy Special Needs Specialty Toys Online

If you’re concerned that your child may have SPD, an occupational therapist can help with an evaluation and accurate diagnosis. In the meantime, you can find sensory toys online at Sister Sensory that will help your child relax and focus on schoolwork or other daily activities. Sister Sensory offers a range of toys for individuals with SPD along with top-notch customer service and fast, FREE local shipping. Browse our line of sensory toys to find the ones that will best calm, comfort, and educate your unique child.

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Sensory Chew Toys Online – Australia

It’s no secret that the world is more complicated in some ways for children with autism. In a busy and noisy world that expects a lot of social interaction from kids, autistic children may feel they are constantly under threat leading to volatile or distressed behaviours. Sensory chew toys for toddlers and children on the autism spectrum can provide calming and soothing solutions, which may help them perform better in school and have less difficulty interacting with others. If you are curious how such toys may help calm your child, be sure to go online and see how sensory chew toys from Sister Sensory may help.

How Chewing Can Comfort Your Child

Because children with autism usually have difficulty processing a variety of sensory experiences, they may appear to become overwhelmed by a number of everyday things. In response, they may find various coping mechanisms to relieve feelings of anxiety or fear. Many of these behaviours are called self-stimulating behaviours or “stimming” and may include repetitive flapping or foot tapping.

One of the most common stimming behaviours is chewing. It is thought that chewing is possibly comforting to some children similar to how some people not on the autism spectrum compulsively chew their nails when nervous. Chewing may provide a distraction during moments of sensory overload as an alternative source of focus.

Chewing by itself may not be a concern until a child begins to chew on inappropriate objects, such as clothing, paper or household items. The behaviour can become destructive, and potentially self-harming. Therefore, providing safe sensory chew toys as an alternative may be the best approach.

Wearable chew toys such as necklaces may also allow children to chew wherever they go and in particular may discourage chewing on clothing. Chew toys may also help your child focus better in class or while completing homework assignments. Sister Sensory has chew toys such as these available for Australia-wide delivery when you order online.

We Deliver Quality Sensory Chew Toys throughout Australia

Our online store features many toys and products which are geared toward calming autistic children and preventing sensory overload. Our sensory chew toys include wearable necklaces, pencil toppers and bite bands. We provide other supportive aids and toys such as weighted and auditory products in addition to our vast variety of sensory chew toys available online.

At Sister Sensory, our years of hands-on experience working with children with varying special needs has allowed us to select the very finest sensory toys which help foster healthy development. All our products are child-tested to guarantee their quality and appeal. We also ensure that we maintain excellent availability of all our products online so that you can get all the sensory chew toys and other support items which work best for your child when you need it. We offer quick and efficient checkout and delivery and provide FREE local shipping as well. We understand that autism can be challenging, which is why Sister Sensory is so committed to providing better options for autistic children and their families.

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Our top 2020 Christmas Gift Ideas – Part 1!

The best thing about choosing Sister Sensory gifts for sensory and neuro diverse people in your life? The fabulous range of sensory toys for kids we have on offer this Christmas! We understand that choosing presents buying can be stressful, especially if you’re buying for people with unique needs. Sister Sensory have taken the pain out of it for you.

We’ve created a list of our top sensory gifts for playful, calming, energising or stress relief activities this Christmas. So, get ready to shop!

  1. Help your child learn how to tell the time with our range of easy read watches, clocks and palm cards. With lots of fun colour choices, learning to tell the time has never been so fun!
  2. Ems for Kids Earmuffs are the world’s first folding, compact hearing protection earmuff for children over 6 months of age. Weighing only 190 grams, and small enough to fit in your hand, Ems for Kids are compact, fun, and functional. Choose from 4 funky colours.
  3. If your little one has difficulty falling asleep, the Cody – Ocean projector turns the room into a magical underwater world. Gently moving waves and darting fish play across the walls and ceiling, accompanied by relaxing ocean sounds. The 3-step sleep program helps your little one fall asleep with its soothing qualities. Best of all? The projector automatically shuts off after 30 minutes.
  4. We have a fab range of Smart Games for those looking to learn while having fun. Train the brain with our board games and puzzle devices, promoting logic and focus. The best thing about puzzles? They are for all ages.
  5. Need some assistance with gross motor skills? Try our fun Balance train – enjoy new challenges to develop coordination and balance. Set it up in a variety of formations and difficulties and use the adjustable rope connectors to change the distance between blocks as explorers gain confidence.
  6. Looking for more ways to boost balance, coordination and motor skills? Try these gorgeous Stepping Stones. Each River Stone has three sides of varying angles and six rubber buttons underneath to guarantee non-slip stability.
  7. Have you seen our range of Scooter boards? These boards are ideal for mobility skills and can be used to develop bi-lateral co-ordination, balance, core stability and awareness of movement and body positioning.
  8. Still not quite sure what to buy? Don’t stress, we can help. Contact us today and ask about a Sister Sensory Gift Card! That way, the special person in your life gets to choose exactly what they want.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to supplying sensory toys for kids (and adults!). Share in the joy of Christmas with one of these pressies and know that you are positively impacting those sensory and neuro-diverse people in your life.
With Australia-wide delivery, get your orders in by the first week of December or you may miss out. Find out more about delivery cut off here (and yes, we delivery Australia wide)

specialty toys online

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Fidget Specialty Toys Online – Australia

There may be no way to cure autism, but you can do a lot to alleviate the symptoms. One of the most important things you can do for a child with ASD is to address any sensory symptoms he or she may have. Children (and some adults) with autism tend to have sensory issues, such as feeling overstimulated by light, noise, smells, or textures, or they may crave this sensory input. You can help by obtaining fidget specialty toys in Australia designed to provide the right amount of stimulation. Fidget toys help regulate the neural system. They may be squishy, make sounds, require physical manipulation, or be designed in some other way. They may be small plastic toys your child can hold in his or her hand that will distract the brain so that better concentration is possible.

How Do Fidget Toys in Australia Help Kids with ASD?

Children with autism often have a lot of anxiety. Just like anyone else, this stress can make it hard for them to focus. Kids with ASD tend to have so many thoughts and feelings at any given time that holding something tangible in their hands or mouths occupies part of their brains and makes it easier to concentrate. Chewable toys and jewellery are one solution, especially for kids who need oral stimulation. Some children find other types of fidget toys more useful, such as puzzles or soft fabrics. There are also many kinds of fidget specialty toys online designed precisely for that purpose: to be manipulated with the hands as a means of achieving greater focus with the mind.

Choosing a Fidget Toy

An Occupational Therapist can perform an evaluation to help determine which areas of your child’s sensory system you should address using fidget toys. In the meantime, you can simply observe your child’s behaviour. Does he or she grab onto things, put things into his or her mouth, become calmer when listening to music? Take your cues from your child.

Most kids with ASD who have sensory issues will respond well to things they can physically hold in their hands and play with quietly. There are many fidget toys available such as balls, beads, tangle toys, and wooden puzzles that are affordable, accessible, and efficient. The way these toys feel in children’s hands is soothing and distracting (in a good way).

Find Fidget Toys at Sister Sensory

Sister Sensory is a home-based, online store that provides sensory toys and more for people with ASD. Our range of therapy toys helps with focus, motor skills, anxiety, education, and many other issues. These products are designed to calm, comfort, and educate children with sensory issues. We also offer excellent customer service and quick, efficient order processing. We have wide availability on all our products and offer free local shipping. Our exceptional quality means that your child’s fidget toys will last, and our wide range of products means that you’ll be able to find exactly what your child needs. Be sure to check out Sister Sensory on Facebook!

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Behavioural Sensory Toys For Toddlers, Children & Kids

Many parents of autistic children are advised to provide their kids with sensory toys. You may be curious how these products can help your child work through challenging behaviours or provide comfort during stressful situations. If a child in your life has been diagnosed with autism, behavioural, sensory toys for kids on the autism spectrum may help with these scenarios and more. Read on to learn more and see how children take to behavioural sensory toys and how these and other products from Sister Sensory may provide support.

Selecting Behavioural Sensory Toys for Toddlers

All sensory toys are made to stimulate your child’s senses. They may be visual, tactile or auditory in nature. Children with autism or related conditions such as Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) tend to have aversions to certain types of sensory input or may be drawn to others more strongly than some of their peers. Sensory input is necessary for proper growth and development, and children who show an aversion to sensory stimuli may end up falling behind. Sensory toys help make a variety of stimuli more appealing, and everyone knows that children learn best when they are having fun!

Most children with autism are diagnosed somewhere between the ages of 3 and 6, although some cases may be discovered as early as age 2. Treating and providing unique sensory options for your autistic child earlier on will likely help them to develop a higher level of functioning.

Behavioural sensory toys for kids are unique in that they also contribute to calm and comfort your child, especially in potentially stressful situations. Weighted toys, for instance, may offer a sensation of compression which may be especially comforting for a toddler, not unlike a secure hug.

All toddlers tend to like to chew, but younger children with autism will likely have a greater desire to do so, perhaps because they particularly enjoy the sensation. This can develop into a compulsion, which may become unhealthy. Many such children do better with behavioural sensory toys which are designed for safe chewing.

While there are many behavioural sensory toys made for toddlers, school-age children have a variety of options available for them as well. Many of these are aimed at dealing with what is likely the biggest challenge for many older autistic children- dealing with the school environment. Sensory toys which are geared toward older kids may include calming fidget toys or similar tactile items intended to build focus. Sister Sensory also provides specially-designed school packs for educators of children with special needs, such as our fine motor kits or sorting bowls. These resources are specifically designed for autistic children and help promote their sensory engagement.

Sister Sensory provides a broad range of behavioural sensory toys for children at all ages and levels of development. Contact us today to see how our quick and efficient service delivers high quality and competitively priced toys directly to you. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and are passionate about seeing your child thrive. Be sure to check our reviews on Facebook and Google to see how our products have encouraged learning and healthy development for other autistic and autism-spectrum children.

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Autism Spectrum Specialty Toys Online – Australia

All the signs were there, but you still were not ready for the news. Your child has been diagnosed with Autism. As shock clears and reality settles back in, it’s time to get proactive. Autism is certainly not a death sentence, and resources for parents and educational professionals over the last few decades has improved exponentially. For one thing, a broad range of Autism Spectrum specialty toys are available online. With early, diligent and intentional skill building, your child can lead a productive life. Sister Sensory’s first-hand experience with special-needs children makes us the authority for Autism spectrum toys in Australia.

Support Your Child’s Development with Autism Spectrum Specialty Toys Found Online

There is a ton of published material on Autism. Sifting through all of it can be overwhelming. So is searching through pages and pages of Autism Spectrum toys from online brands. As you learn more about how this diagnosis may affect your child, you may find yourself wondering how to best support their development. Do you find a specialty day-care, hire a full-time nanny, or restructure your family schedule so that someone can stay home? If staying home isn’t an option, how do you go about securing appropriate childcare that is sensitive and nurturing to your child’s special needs? Among other difficulties, Autism can affect a child’s verbal skills (both receptive and expressive), sensory processing, fine and gross motor skills, and emotional identification, perception, and expression. On top of these challenges, simply getting and maintaining their attention can be difficult. Autism Spectrum toys from our online store address a comprehensive list of processing challenges your child may be facing from a variety of approaches. Studies suggest that Autism Spectrum toys can help Australia’s children develop vital processing and expression skills.

Friendly service with a Wide Selection at Sister Sensory

You have a lot on your hands and time is not one of them. Our online store is user-friendly making it easy to browse at your leisure. Get full product descriptions, suggestions based on chronological age/developmental age level appropriateness, and customer reviews all in one spot. Explore our inventory on well-organised, easy-to-navigate pages titled for the skill group in question. Our resources mix development and learning into play and sensory regulation. We have Autism spectrum specialty toys available online that promote learning, sensory muting, and sensory tolerance. We believe that not every method of support needs to push tolerance. Sometimes, reducing the impact of particular inputs is essential for continued growth. An agitated child is hard to redirect and not receptive to learning. In this overstimulated state, outbursts and meltdowns are typical. That’s why some of our Autism spectrum toys appearing in our online store consist of self-soothing tools such as weighted blankets and noise-cancelling headphones. We appreciate that you may not know where to start and “authorities” you come across online may have conflicting information. Ditch the static and call on us. Our friendly staff will provide honest suggestions that best suit your situation.

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Autism Spectrum Disorder Specialty Toys Online Australia

Full and partial inclusion programs are becoming the preferred educational plan for students who are on the Autism spectrum. As a teacher, however, meeting the needs of all your students while keeping them engaged and growing has become more complicated. How do you serve both your advanced and delayed students on the same budget? Many of your colleagues have already discovered that Sister Sensory offers the widest variety of Autism Spectrum Disorder toys to Australia’s classrooms at a competitive price. Traditional, separated special education classes often fail to meet the student’s unique needs. This results in bright and promising students being left unchallenged and undereducated. Their prospects are grim. Inclusion, on the other hand, has been shown to be beneficial for both the student on the spectrum and their classmates. Sources online say Autism Spectrum Disorder toys benefit both groups as well.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Toys Found Online is a Smart Investment for All Your Students

When students participate in inclusion programs, special needs children are challenged while their classmates learn the value and importance of cooperation and socialisation with people that are different than themselves. This fosters empathy and compassion and an inclination towards collaboration. Autism Spectrum Disorder toys for Australia’s youth promote problem-solving, sequential processing (necessary for storytelling, ordering, and sorting), and sensory tolerance. Autism Spectrum Disorder Specialty toys in our online store are not exclusively for your students with Autism. Your classroom is likely to have other students who struggle with these cognitive processes but have not been identified as being on the spectrum.

When you purchase online and make Autism Spectrum Disorder toys available in your classroom, you help all your students develop their processing skills through extended attention or targeted skill-building materials. For example, we offer a selection of fine motor skill building items. Delays in fine motor skills, however, are not exclusive to students with notable individual needs. Likewise, our line of quiet fidgets can help any child maintain their attention and resist impulses to avoid tasks and disrupt your class. While our products are earmarked as Autism Spectrum Disorder Specialty toys online, they have universal use in the physical world, particularly your classroom.

Browse Online for Autism Spectrum Disorder Toys at your Leisure

We know you are busy. Between grading papers, writing and modifying lesson plans, rearranging seating charts, staff meetings, parent meetings, and now individualised education plans for your new “inclusion” students, you don’t have time to fight traffic to shop multiple stores with limited selections. You don’t have to. Shopping for Autism Spectrum Disorder toys online is easier than ever. We have done all the work. We have researched and compiled an extensive selection of Autism Spectrum Disorder toys for Australia’s busy teachers. More than “toys,” we have resources that aid fine and gross motor development, sensory deregulation, language reception and expression, as well as anxiety suppressing tools such as fidgets and weighted blankets. Buy a la carte or in thematic packs. Not sure what you need? Talk with our passionate and knowledgeable staff who are happy to discuss your situation and offer Autism Spectrum Disorder toys from our online store that will maximise the growth of all your students.

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Autism Specialty Toys Online – Australia

Children with ASD often have entirely different toy preferences than their peers. Trying to find the right toys for your child and striking out over and over can be frustrating. However, there are some helpful tips you can take into consideration to help you equip your child with exactly the right toys for his or her unique needs and interests.

Don’t put too much weight in ages listed by manufacturers

If your child is developing atypically because of ASD, then it doesn’t matter if the box says, “ages four to six” and your child is nine. Other than choking hazards, don’t worry about age-appropriateness when it comes to toys. What matters is that your child gets to play with a toy he or she learns from and enjoys. Also keep in mind that children with ASD may mouth toys beyond the usual age of three, so do heed warnings on toys that contain small parts.

If a distinct toy doesn’t appeal to your child, try it again later

If your child receives a toy that he or she doesn’t seem interested in, or that appears to be too advanced, put it away and try it again a year or two later. Toys that typically appeal to younger children may appeal to children with ASD later, and may also have different applications at different ages. For example, toys that contain colourful shapes or letters can be visually stimulating for babies and then used to teach the colours, shapes, or letters to pre-schoolers (or older children). At most any age, the tactile stimulation autism toys found online offer may be satisfying as well. Musical toys are another excellent example of items that serve multiple purposes, such as soothing and teaching.

Look for Autism Toys in Australia that Help Gross Motor Skills

Toys that help your child develop gross motor skills, such as balance boards and bean bags, give them a way to use up excess energy and teach them body awareness and other skills. Jumping toys can also be therapeutic and fun. Toys that encourage jumping and balancing can help children with body position awareness as well as sensory input.

Try puzzles

Puzzles are a fun leisure activity that can help your child build confidence. Puzzles can also teach other concepts such as balancing, stacking, and shapes and colours. Small 3D puzzles also make great fidget toys. Puzzles provide tactile stimulation and proprioceptive feedback, and kids often love pushing the pieces together for additional “joint compression.” Stores that sell autism specialty toys in Australia usually have a range of puzzles for your child to enjoy

Sister Sensory offers a range of autism specialty toys online for kids with ASD. Their variety means that they have lots of options for your child to explore, and their excellent customer service, free local shipping, and high quality standards mean that you can feel good about the toys you’re buying for your child to interact with and have fun. Consider the above tips and then have fun discovering a whole new world with your child as you play with specialty toys from Sister Sensory.

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Autism Sensory Toys for Toddlers, Children & Kids

If you have a toddler with autism or are looking to give a gift to a child on the autism spectrum, you may be curious about what toys are most appropriate. Many doctors and therapists have touted the benefits of autism sensory toys for kids. Sensory toys are those which have been specifically developed to stimulate your child’s senses. Specially designed sensory toys are made to be safe and fun for your child and may help them feel calmer and foster their developmental growth. Sister Sensory provides a broad range of such toys for both toddlers and older children, giving you plenty of options.

Toys for All Levels of Functioning

Whether your child has autism, Asperger’s, Sensory Processing Disorder or a related condition, you may find that certain autism sensory toys made for children will work particularly well for your little one, while others may not. It helps to pay attention to your child and see what they appear to enjoy. Many autistic children and toddlers do seem to benefit from having some specially developed sensory toys which are intended to calm, comfort and also encourage engagement. These therapy products may also help to develop motor skills while stimulating the senses in a way your child or toddler can tolerate.

Autism sensory toys made for toddlers aim to stimulate the senses without being overwhelming. They may also help improve both gross and fine motor skills and entice young minds to explore and experiment with objects in new ways. Some examples may include sensory play tables, which can help toddlers learn concepts like cause and effect.

If your child has difficulty in certain situations, particularly social ones, there are various toys which may help. When faced with a stressful circumstance, such as going to a new school, certain sensory toys such as fidgets can provide a distraction which contributes to putting their mind at ease. These toys can do wonders to help children who have sensory difficulties adapt and stay calm. Fidget toys may also provide a soothing way to help your child concentrate in school.

Need Help Selecting Autism Sensory Toys for Your Children?

If you are still unsure what autism sensory toys are right for your kids, or as a gift for a child in your life, Sister Sensory can help provide suggestions for what may be the right fit. Our team’s experience and passion for helping toddlers and children with autism and other special needs have allowed us to source excellent quality and competitively priced products which help foster your child’s developmental and emotional needs.

We offer a wide range of sensory toys and therapy products which help build fine motor skills, provide comfort, and help educate growing minds. We ensure that all our products are readily available so that when you find the perfect toy for your little one, we will have it in stock and ready to ship directly to you. Contact us today to find out how we can help find the toys and products which will best support your child.

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Autism Chew Toys & Necklaces Online – Australia

For children with special needs, particularly those with ASD, chewing is a common behaviour. Kids with sensory issues may feel compelled to chew on items such as clothes, paper, toys, or other objects. Some children have Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) or difficulty with processing and understanding sensory information. Some kids feel under stimulated while others feel overstimulated. Children with autism often chew because the sensation chewing provides is enjoyable.

Parents may worry about chewing because it can cause problems including tooth issues and damaged clothing and other belongings. However, the solution is often as simple as giving your child appropriate items to chew. Products such as gum and mints can deliver too much sugar and contribute to tooth decay. Instead, look for online autism chew toys designed for this purpose.

Autism Chew Necklaces Online Are Made for Chewing

Chewable toys such as pencil toppers, necklaces, phones, and other toys provide sensory input in a safe, satisfying way and prevent your child from chewing on inappropriate or unsafe items. These items are colourful and provide added benefits; for example, chewable pencil toppers also add weight to the pencil for enhanced hand awareness and make the pencil more comfortable to write with and hold. It’s easy to find autism chew toys in Australia and other toys that help your child feel calm and focused, doing homework or typical daily activities easier.

Other Ways to Provide Oral Stimulation

Besides chewing toys, you can also help your child get the oral stimulation he or she needs through activities such as blowing bubbles, blowing through a straw, making sounds, and making faces in front of a mirror; activities that provide other types of oral stimulation. You can also encourage activities that require your child to use his or her mouth but cannot be done while chewing, such as talking, singing, reading out loud, or painting a picture by holding the paintbrush in the mouth. If you would like to discourage chewing long-term, you can encourage your child to participate in activities other than chewing – such as swinging – with the understanding that he or she cannot use chewable toys during this activity, but that they will get these toys back when the activity is over. A chew necklace is a discreet chewable item for older kids who still chew.

In Australia, Get an Autism Chew Necklace at Sister Sensory

At Sister Sensory, we provide numerous products designed to engage, educate, and soothe kids with ASD. Our specialty sensory toys include such items as tactile and fidget toys, weighted toys, auditory products, chewable toys, balance and movement products, vibrating cushions, puzzles, games, and much more. We also offer Sensory Packs containing a variety of tactile toys to calm and soothe your child at home or school. All our toys are high-quality and our customer service and order processing time are top-notch. We offer FREE local shipping as well. For sensory products and support aids that calm, comfort, and educate, look no further than Sister Sensory – and be sure to check out our reviews on Facebook and Google, too!

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ASD Specialty Toys Online – Australia

It’s been years since you’ve been approved to get supplies. For the last two years, new ASD specialties toys you found online came out of your pocket whenever an old tool broke. You have already started a list of brands and products that turned out to be duds despite fantastic online reviews. This year, during the summer recess, you get to go shopping! Don’t waste your precious time off fighting traffic traveling to multiple stores to pick up pieces you have had your eyes on all year. Sister Sensory compiles and sells the best ASD Specialty Toys in all Australia. Our products come from the best brands and product lines ensuring that your educational investment will produce returns for multiple terms. Avoid falling for fake reviews on subpar products. When you shop with Sister Sensory, know all our reviews come from our customers and our seasoned staff.

Shop ASD Specialty Toys Online from Sister Sensory

We make it simple with an easy to use, customer-intuitive online site with full product description, suggested usages, appropriate chronological/developmental age level recommendations, and customer reviews. Shop all the brands on one convenient site. Have a question about ASD Specialty Toys new to Australia? Call our friendly staff to provide honest, friendly, and knowledgeable information on the products we sell. Find out what ASD Specialty Toys available online other teachers are using. Buy a la cart or in our specially-crafted targeted skill-building packs. Our first-hand experience with many of these products gives us an added personal touch you can’t find from detached vendors who merely collect your money and ship out product. We know what works and what ASD toys seen online are pure gimmick not worth your money.

Achieve Classroom Management with ASD Toys Provided at our Online Store

The use of ASD Specialty Toys in Australia’s classroom is on the rise. This is partially due to the increase of inclusion classroom programs where students on the spectrum are placed in mainstream classes with the help of aids – both human and toys/tools. Secondarily, it’s being recognised that ASD toys are beneficial to children on or off the spectrum. Even astute children can have difficulties with self-regulation. This can cause aversion to necessary tasks and outbursts due to overstimulation.

Educators are finding that using ASD tools and toys help de-escalate agitated students. The weighted Blanket, for example, provides security to a stressed student, much like a hug from a loved one or being tucked into a fresh bed, like when we were young. For some, noise-cancelling headphones help wandering minds focus on the task at hand, while other students benefit from the same headphones by cancelling outside noise. How you use the toys and tools can be modified to suit individual student needs. Fidgets, once reserved for children identified as special needs, also help mainstream students maintain their attention and soothe anxieties associated with performance and social situations. For this reason, more classrooms are making ASD toys from our online store available to all their students.

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Australia Weighted Specialty Toys Online

Since they were young, your little angel has been… picky. Everything must be just so, or the risk of a meltdown is imminently possible. So far, it has seemed easier to avoid certain fabrics in their clothing, keep food from touching on their plate, and you were happy when bath time got easier with their insistence on graduating to showers. But the school has called three times this week. It’s only Thursday. Yesterday, attached to the note home, was a flyer from Sister Sensory where you can find weighted specialty toys online. It was the one day you did not get a call. The note requests you to come down for a meeting to discuss options and solutions. You just got off the phone to confirm a time for tomorrow afternoon. Aside from disruptive behavioural outbursts, your little one is smart, engaging, talkative, and on track with cognitive and motor skills. Perhaps trading in your car because the fabric seats “felt weird” on their legs, however, was a missed signal. Recently, the popularity of weighted specialty toys in Australia has exploded. Weighted toys in Australia are used to assist children with sensory input processing.

Weighted Toys for Australia’s Youth Bridge Processing Gaps and Ease Anxiety
In Australia, weighted toys have helped youth learn to process sensory input more effectively and deal with the stress and anxiety that comes from overstimulation. Problems with sensory input indicate issues with self-regulation. This can affect every aspect of a child’s life. Therefore, more classrooms are using weighted specialty toys provided from online stores to calm down agitated, overstimulated students who struggle with a broad range of perception disorders including Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). However, your child does not need to have a diagnosable condition to benefit from weighted specialty toys here in Australia. Sometimes, kids simply don’t like a sensation. While many sensations are avoidable, when they are not, it is important to prepare your child by giving them the tools they need to tolerate the experience without losing control. Thankfully, as more people begin to understand the complex facets of sensory processing, the acceptance of weighted specialty toys in Australia’s classrooms has increased. A weighted specialty item from Sister Sensory may provide your child with the security they need while at school, thus decreasing the occurrence of outbursts so they can stay at school, and you can stay at work.

Shop Weighted Specialty Toys Online from Sister Sensory

Sister Sensory’s extensive stock of resources, from weighted blankets to textured toys, allow you to help your child get comfortable with normal sensory input so that when they encounter the input in the natural world, it is less agitating. With diligent work at home, it is likely the concerned calls from school will decrease. Our online store is user-friendly and allows you to shop when it’s convenient for you. We know you have your hands full. Still, we are committed to excellent customer service. Our high-quality weighted toys used in Australia ensure durability and ease of use. When you shop with us, you are not on your own. Contact us to discuss your situation, and our friendly and highly knowledgeable staff will suggest suitable products for your needs. Our first-hand experience with special-needs makes us the authority in Australia’s weighted toys. We’ll ensure that you have the tools you need to get your pride and joy back on track and keep them from falling behind.

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