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Developing gross and fine motor skills is easy through play and exploration. Our sensory toys and tools help build motor skills through walking, running, jumping, balancing, climbing, and carrying.

Ball activities and games are great for developing muscles and skills such as eye-foot and eye-hand coordination indoors and outdoors. Any bat or racket is a superb gross motor aid as kids learn to handle them while hitting balls.

You need coordination and strength to push and pedal a bike or scooter. Children on the autism spectrum or other neurodiverse conditions (ASP, ADHD, and special needs) can find balance bikes a fantastic aid as they progress through the gross motor milestones. And you can use hula hoops in so many gross motor skills activities.

A simple item like a bean bag kit can spark fun games that build multiple gross and fine motor skills. Balance them on your head while you walk in a straight line, or throw and catch them, toss them into a basket, or hide them for a fun game of bean bag hide and seek.

Balancing toys or equipment is also helpful for developing motor skills. Consider buying balancing beams, stepping stones, a wobble board, or bucket stilts.

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