Name Price Qty
Candy Coloured Jellyfish $6.00 Out of stock
Candy Coloured Critters $6.00 Out of stock
ZURU Fidget Cube $14.00
Quantity needed: 1
Snazzipants- Wet Bags
Wet Bag: butterflies
$15.00 Already purchased
HART - Paddle Ring Set $25.00 Already purchased
Wobble Cushion -Sensory Genius $40.00 Already purchased
Skeletal Geo Kit - Starter Set of 144 $42.00 Out of stock
Teeter Popper
Teeter Popper: green
Quantity needed: 1
Body Sock - Small
Body Sock: body-sock-small-pink
Quantity needed: 1
HART - Anti-burst Peanut Ball
Hart Anti Burst Peanut Ball: green-60-cm
Quantity needed: 1
Playzone - Kid Trix Starter Kit $130.00
Quantity needed: 1
The Bloom Stool
Bloom Stool: 370-blue
Quantity needed: 1
Jari ActivStool
Jari ActivStool: green-over-white
$150.00 Already purchased
Jellyfish Bouncy Chair
Colour: black
$200.00 Out of stock