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 Speed  Laces - Wildfire

Speed Laces are an ingenious one-size-fits-all, water-resistant performance lacing system designed to keep laces locked and secure through any race, game, or workout.

Speed Laces can replace the shoelaces in most lace-up tennis shoes, sneakers, trainers, or running shoes in just 5 minutes. Simply take out your existing shoelaces, replace them with the elastic Lock Laces with your feet in the shoes, trim the Lock Laces to fit, and lock them into place with the fastening system.

Once your Speed Laces are installed, you can treat your shoes like slip-ons. That means no more tying shoelaces! The elastic laces stretch when your foot enters and exits your shoe, so you won’t damage the shoe’s heel. They also stretch as your feet swell throughout the day, improving your circulation and keeping your feet comfortable.



Speed  Laces feature adjustable tension. If you’d like to tighten or loosen them, simply press down on the lock device and slide it up or down to tighten or loosen. When you want to ratchet up your laces’ tension before a run, or loosen them up to give your feet some breathing room afterwards, Lock Laces ensure you never have to tie multiple knots or pick at over-tight knots again.

Speed  Laces are suitable for:

  • Athletes – Lock Laces ensure you never have to pause your workout or competition to retie your laces.
  • Travelers – When camping, trekking, or backpacking, you never have to worry about loose, dangling laces.
  • Individuals with special needs – Learning to tie shoes is difficult for everyone, but it can be a bigger challenge for individuals with special needs. Lock Laces help you to regain your independence.
  • Kids – Lock Laces ensure no more dirty, dragging shoelaces or delayed morning routines.
  • Seniors – Lock Laces make your life safer and easier by eliminating the need to bend over to tie your shoes. They’re a lifesaver when you suffer from arthritis, knee or hip problems, or other muscle and joint pains.
  • Everyone else – You spend about 2-6 weeks of your life tying shoelaces. Regain your time with Lock Laces, which are more comfortable than traditional laces.



Pack includes one pair (two laces)




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