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Self-regulation is the ability to control your behaviour, emotions, and thoughts. Emotional self-regulation refers to managing disruptive emotions and impulses. It also involves the ability to rebound from disappointment without having a meltdown. In short, it’s thinking before acting. If your child regularly has frequent meltdowns and outbursts, it may be a sign of difficulty with emotional self-regulation.

Self-regulation includes:

  • Resisting highly emotional reactions to upsetting stimuli
  • Calming yourself down when you get upset
  • Adjusting to a change in expectations
  • Handling frustration without an outburst.

Many neurodiverse children on the spectrum and with other special needs find self-regulation challenging. Once overwhelmed or overstimulated, these kids often find it hard to calm down and reset their emotions. Products such as communication and self-regulation cards can help children identify and articulate their feelings and learn to manage their responses to challenging situations.

Self-regulation is critical for emotional maturity and establishing social connections as children grow. Our range of sensory toys, tools, books, and educational products help neurodiverse children develop self-regulation skills, allowing them to nurture and develop social relationships and respond positively to challenging situations.

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