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Most children start moving towards independence from the moment they’re born. Some children just need a little extra help.

Our range of sensory independence products helps neurodiverse children learn the skills necessary to achieve independence. Whether it is learning how to feed themselves without any help, nailing their morning and evening routine, getting their shoes on and off quickly, or being able to self-regulate challenging behaviour, we can help.

There is no doubt that one of the most challenging parts of parenting is letting go. However, fostering independence in children on the spectrum and with other neurodiverse conditions empowers them to grow and achieve new goals.

Our goal is to help everyone with special needs or on the spectrum learn new self-care tasks, complete daily activities, and take care of a portion of their own schedule, where possible. Nurturing independence in our neurodiverse children is rewarding for both parent and child and will ultimately lead to a richer life for both.

The journey towards independence is often slow, so start small and celebrate small successes. Remember that teaching new skills often includes setbacks, but independence is a step-by-step process. Start as soon as you can and continue to build on those skills as they grow.

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