Monkey Calculators - Multiplication

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Monkey Multiplier

The Fun Way To Learn Simple Multiplication!!!!!
Ages: 4 onwards

Learning one’s multiplication tables for numbers one through twelve can be a tedious task for many children.

With this in mind, ‘Learning Mate‘ have decided to put the fun back into math! Monkey Multiplier uses a cute little monkey to help your child develop both an interest and confidence in mathematics.

Just point the monkey’s toes to the two numbers you want to multiply and the answer will mysteriously appear in the ring between his hands. The mechanical movement of the monkey’s hands provides the correct answer.

This product is a great way to introduce the idea of a calculator. It is actually more fun than an electronic calculator because the child can see the relation between the two numbers that are multiplied.

The product of the two numbers can be seen in a systematic and visual manner when the hands of the monkey move towards the correct answer. Children will have fun learning their multiplication tables and checking their homework.


Suggested ways to use Monkey Multiplier:

  • List down multiplication tables beginning with the table of 1. e.g. 1X1 = 1×2 etc
  • Ask your child to find the answer using the Monkey Multiplier
  • If your child can write out the numbers, allow him/her to write them down if he/she is not yet ready to write, he/she can say out loud the numbers to you.
  • Continue with the tables of 2 etc.
  • After some time, you can ask /list the tables randomly e.g. 2X 3 , 3X 9 etc.
  • For older children who are required to memorise the tables, you can give them a list of tables in sequence or in random order depending on the child’s level and ability. Ask them to write out their answers. Once done, they can use the ‘Monkey Multiplier’ to check and mark their work.

By using this tried and tested way the child is able to remember their multiplication tables in a fun and stress-free way.

Remember that children learn better when they are having FUN!!!!!!!!!!


Ages: 4 onwards