Large Sand Timer

For easy identification each timer is colour coded.









Virtually indestructible sand timers with moulded end caps and thick wall surrounds.

Perfect for use in games and for enabling children to see how much longer they need to keep working

A strong visual support for self-regulation which can also be very calming for some children.

  • Perfect for use in games and timing experiments:
  • • Children are expected to brush their teeth for 3 minutes.
  • Great for ‘time out’ when children are too young to comphrehend time.
  • • “5 minutes more and it’s bed time.”•
  • “Clean up your room in 10 minutes and
    you can have a treat.”

Available in

  •  2 Mins
  •  3 Mins
  •  5 Mins
  • 10 Mins
  • 15 Mins
  •  30 Mins 

Size 160 x 70mm.

Use of this product should be supervised by an adult