Walls & Warriors- Smart Games

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Walls & Warriors-Smart Games
Brain power is needed to protect your castle with Smart Games Walls & Warriors!
Travel back in time to days of old when knights were bold, and castles dotted the land. But can you build a castle that will be secure and strong enough to keep your blue knights safe from the invading enemy red knights? That’s the challenge in Walls & Warriors, an engaging and intriguing single-player puzzle game.

First, place your blue knights, the enemy red knights, and the blue-roofed tall twin-towered castle keep on the game board in the positions indicated on the Challenge card in the challenge booklet. Then, position the castle walls on the board so that red knights are kept outside, and the blue knights and tall towers are kept safely inside and surrounded on all sides by the castle walls.


With 80 different Challenges in 5 degrees of difficulty ranging from Starter to Wizard, each of which has only one correct solution (solutions are included in the booklet), Walls & Warriors besieges your brain with brilliant battles of logic.

Suitable for ages 8+
Great for working on visual perception.


For those looking for a little more than just another STEM seal on the box, we invite you to explore the Cognitive Skills aspects of SmartGames play.

Each SmartGame details which Cognitive Skills are engaged in solving its challenges - right on the box.

Our games engage skills including Spatial Insight, Problem Solving, Planning, Concentration, Logic, and more.