Toasty Hugs- Blossom Bunny

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Toasty Hugs Blossom Bunny

Meet Blossom Bunny from the Toasty Hugs collection, a bundle of warmth and comfort wrapped up in a soft, cuddly form. Blossom Bunny is not just any ordinary plush; she comes with a special feature—a removable heat pack filled with calming tourmaline crystals. This versatile pack can be warmed in the microwave for those chilly nights when you need a cozy hug or cooled in the freezer for a refreshing cuddle during the warmer seasons.
Blossom Bunny is meticulously crafted from microwave-safe, flame-resistant fabric, ensuring she's a safe and durable companion for all ages. Her construction includes extra-strong seams, designed to endure countless snuggles and adventures, from imaginative playtime to restful nights.

The detachable heat pack allows Blossom Bunny's plush exterior to be easily washed, maintaining hygiene and prolonging her lifespan as your comforting companion. She is perfectly weighted, providing the soothing experience of a gentle hug, ideal for easing aches, warming chills, and reducing anxiety.

With her soft pink fur and gentle, friendly eyes, Blossom Bunny is a heartwarming friend who brings a sense of peace and comfort. She's more than just a plush toy; she's a companion who offers warmth, security, and the calming presence of a caring friend.

Blossom Bunny is a cherished member of the Toasty Hugs family, embodying the essence of comfort and care. She's ready to hop into your arms and bring a touch of joy and serenity to your life, whether you're seeking relief from discomfort or simply in need of a warm, soothing embrace. Let Blossom Bunny hop her way into your heart and home, offering the gentle, comforting touch that only a Toasty Hug can provide.


Made from microwave-safe, flame-resistant fabric
Manufactured with extra-strong seams for durability
Filled with tourmaline, a semi-precious mineral
Hidden pouch for removing heat pack
Twelve designs to choose from
Features fun embroidered details
Size: 35 x 26 x 14cm
Weighs approx 1kg

Suitable ages: Whilst Toasty Hugs® are suitable for all ages, we recommend following all infant sleeping advice in relation to SIDS. More Information may be found on the National SIDS Council of Australia Ltd website