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Jumping for Fun and Learning with Special Needs Specialty Toys Online in Australia

There’s much more to jumping than up and down! Jumping requires coordination and teaches motor skills and helps develop strength, balance, and more. For under-responsive kids, jumping can help encourage alertness; for sensory-seeking individuals, it’s just plain fun. Children often begin jumping naturally between the ages of two and three years, although some don’t start until a bit later. Jumping is a healthy activity that’s good for the mind and body.

Education through Jumping

Jumping is an excellent way to teach counting. Skipping rope, jumping on a pogo or other toy, or just jumping are all activities that naturally lend themselves to counting and other lessons. How many times can you jump? How high can you jump? Can you jump over one log? How about two? You can also teach your child to count by two, by five, or by another number as he or she jumps.

Furthermore, children learn body awareness through jumping. Jumping up and coming back down to the ground (with eyes open or closed) teaches kids to be more aware of their bodies and concepts such as balance and gravity. You can introduce variations such as jumping on one foot, jumping while clapping, jumping sideways, jumping and spinning in a circle, jumping with shoes on and off, and more. Jumping can also be used in the classroom; consider having kids call out answers as they jump. It also wakes kids up and makes them more alert.

Health through Jumping

Jumping benefits heart health, bone strength, and more. As a demanding exercise, jumping increases oxygen intake and heart rate and stimulates blood circulation. Like most exercise, it also makes you feel good afterwards! Jumping can be an effective way to regulate energy, too: it can provide a needed sensory break when your child’s energy levels are too low or high. All children need physical movement, but it can have unique benefits for kids with ASD, such as decreasing negative, self-stimulating, or self-harming behaviours. Exercise of all kinds also affords children the opportunity to engage in a social activity with their peers. And jumping is an activity almost all kids enjoy.

Where to Buy Special Needs Specialty Toys in Australia

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