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Signs Your Child May Need Special Needs Specialty Sensory Toys Online in Australia

Your senses may seem straightforward enough to you: sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch are things familiar to you. However, the sensory system is highly complex. Interpreting and processing sensory-motor information require a well-orchestrated nervous system. Individuals with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) have brains that do not perceive sensory information accurately. The result can be unusual behaviours; precisely which ones depend on whether the individual is under-responsive, over-responsive, or sensory-seeking.

Sensory Over-Responders

Children who over-respond to stimuli find that things often seem too loud, too heavy, too hard, too sticky, or just “too much” in some other way. These kids usually do not like getting messy, noisy, crowded events, or even seemingly insignificant things such as clothing tags. They may display a fear of sudden noises or sounds such as the toilet flushing, silverware clanking, or high-pitched sounds. Background noise may be too distracting for these children, and they may react negatively to unexpected touch and shy away from hugs or cuddling. Special needs sensory toys online can help, such as weighted blankets, soothing music, and calming swings.

Sensory Under-Responders

Kids who are sensory under-responders may not hear you when you call their names, or they may lose things such as their backpacks. They may tend to be forgetful and unorganised. These children may exhibit poor balance, uncoordinated movements, or absentmindedness. They may have an unusually high tolerance to cold or pain. They may also miss visual cues that others find obvious. The upside of this type of disorder is that these individuals tend to be relaxed and don’t often overreact to pressure. Therapy toys such as timers, fidget toys, therapy balls, and other special needs specialty toys in Australia can help them reign in their focus and enhance response.

Sensory Seekers

Sensory seekers tend to be constantly grabbing, touching, pushing, pulling, jumping, shouting, or chewing. These kids may get into trouble often because they haven’t mastered the appropriate use of their energy. They may display a constant need to touch people or things; they may also seem to lack understanding of personal space. Sensory-seeking children may not know their own strength and may accidentally harm pets or other children when playing. They may be unable to sit still and fidget a lot. On the plus side, they tend to be alert, energetic, and creative. They can benefit from special needs sensory toys in Australia such as eye-hand coordination games, jumping toys, swings, and more.

Where to Buy Special Needs Specialty Toys Online

If you’re concerned that your child may have SPD, an occupational therapist can help with an evaluation and accurate diagnosis. In the meantime, you can find sensory toys online at Sister Sensory that will help your child relax and focus on schoolwork or other daily activities. Sister Sensory offers a range of toys for individuals with SPD along with top-notch customer service and fast, FREE local shipping. Browse our line of sensory toys to find the ones that will best calm, comfort, and educate your unique child.


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