Halloween can be a little challenging for those individuals on the spectrum, with or without a global pandemic. Whether you choose to stay at home for a spooky evening of fun or plan to go around your neighborhood, we have some notable picks for our beautiful families.

Be prepared

As any parent or carer of a neurodiverse child knows, preparation can help prevent tantrums. Try to talk about the holiday and what it entails before finding a costume and heading out the door.

Non-verbal? No worries!

There are many ways to express “trick or treat” without talking; just choose what works best for you. Consider making little cards to pass out or have a lolly bag with a message on it saying, “I have autism. It’s hard for me to say trick or treat, but I’m trying, and I love lollies.”

As with any exciting event here at Sister Sensory, we know how important it is to recognise your child’s limits. If they can only handle a few houses, try not to push them to do more. Stopping before a potential behavioural issue arises will end the experience on a positive note.

Read on to learn to see our favourite Halloween sensory toys.

  1. Halloween Bubble Pop it Fidget Toy: with five spooky choices available, keep those little fingers entertained over the scariest holiday of the year with one of these fantastic autism fidget toys.
  2. Necklace Sensory Chew Halloween Bat: these creepy chews toys for kids will terrify and tantalise… they are actually adorable and an excellent distraction for the orally fixated.
  3. Sensory Kit 15: this comprehensive kit contains multiple sensory toys to keep your child happy all night long.
  4. Smoosho’s Jumbo Monsterlings Balls: these squishy and squidgy provide soothing sensory stimulation but are relatively delicate, so encourage gentle play.
  5. Water Marbles: pop these spooky marbles in water and watch them grow. Great for encouraging visual focus, this toy is best for those over four years.
  6. Necklace Chew Halloween Sugar Skull: another excellent chew toy for kids, this turquoise skull necklace will make a scary addition to any dress-up.
  7. Squish Monstersthese tough and durable sensory fidget toys will help calm your neurodiverse child if they get stressed over the holiday.

We hope you all have a wonderful time this Halloween, but you can always try again next year if it doesn’t go so well. Enjoy and have a ghoulish time!

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