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It’s no secret that the world is more complicated in some ways for children with autism. In a busy and noisy world that expects a lot of social interaction from kids, autistic children may feel they are constantly under threat leading to volatile or distressed behaviours. Sensory chew toys for toddlers and children on the autism spectrum can provide calming and soothing solutions, which may help them perform better in school and have less difficulty interacting with others. If you are curious how such toys may help calm your child, be sure to go online and see how sensory chew toys from Sister Sensory may help.

How Chewing Can Comfort Your Child

Because children with autism usually have difficulty processing a variety of sensory experiences, they may appear to become overwhelmed by a number of everyday things. In response, they may find various coping mechanisms to relieve feelings of anxiety or fear. Many of these behaviours are called self-stimulating behaviours or “stimming” and may include repetitive flapping or foot tapping.

One of the most common stimming behaviours is chewing. It is thought that chewing is possibly comforting to some children similar to how some people not on the autism spectrum compulsively chew their nails when nervous. Chewing may provide a distraction during moments of sensory overload as an alternative source of focus.

Chewing by itself may not be a concern until a child begins to chew on inappropriate objects, such as clothing, paper or household items. The behaviour can become destructive, and potentially self-harming. Therefore, providing safe sensory chew toys as an alternative may be the best approach.

Wearable chew toys such as necklaces may also allow children to chew wherever they go and in particular may discourage chewing on clothing. Chew toys may also help your child focus better in class or while completing homework assignments. Sister Sensory has chew toys such as these available for Australia-wide delivery when you order online.

We Deliver Quality Sensory Chew Toys throughout Australia

Our online store features many toys and products which are geared toward calming autistic children and preventing sensory overload. Our sensory chew toys include wearable necklaces, pencil toppers and bite bands. We provide other supportive aids and toys such as weighted and auditory products in addition to our vast variety of sensory chew toys available online.

At Sister Sensory, our years of hands-on experience working with children with varying special needs has allowed us to select the very finest sensory toys which help foster healthy development. All our products are child-tested to guarantee their quality and appeal. We also ensure that we maintain excellent availability of all our products online so that you can get all the sensory chew toys and other support items which work best for your child when you need it. We offer quick and efficient checkout and delivery and provide FREE local shipping as well. We understand that autism can be challenging, which is why Sister Sensory is so committed to providing better options for autistic children and their families.


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