Wise Elk – Mini-Bricks- Two Towers

Wise Elk plaster construction mini sets are simple and natural, so kids do not need adult help to create a beautiful model.

At the same time they inspire hours of creative building as small, real looking bricks and tiles are connected with non-toxic glue.

Build and Rebuild!

This toy aims to:

Develop motor skills of hands;
Spatial reasoning and logic;
attentiveness and accuracy;
This unusual toy will help the kids realize their creative potential

Wise Elk construction sets are reusable, which means you can use them again and again!

To deconstruct your model simply pour warm water into a container and soak the model for 30 minutes. Let your bricks dry then you can build again.

For construction please use PVA (white) glue only.

Content 500 PCS.

For children 5+ to Adult.