Weekly Routine Chart – Prepp’d Kids

(A3 Hanging)

Our Weekly Routine Chart is a fun visual aid which can be used to establish and support your child’s routine.

Routine Charts can be used;

to introduce concepts of time, days of the week and word recognition
to establish a stable and predictable routine
to prompt or re-direct children to their routine
to create visual prompts and reminders
Sit down with your child to discuss their upcoming activities and use the illustrated magnet set to create a visual schedule for the week.

Additional magnet sets can be purchased to further customise and extend on the Weekly Routine Chart.

Our chart surfaces are liquid chalk friendly and reusable. Wet erase chalk markers can be used and simply wipe clean with a damp cloth.


1 x Weekly Routine Chart (A3 Hanging Chart)

1 x Illustrated Weekly Routine Magnet Set (2x A4 sheets)

1 x Liquid Chalk Marker

Recommended 3+years.

Please note: wet wipes and wet paper towel should not be used to clean and will cause damage to our chart surfaces. We recommend a soft damp cloth such as a microfibre cloth.