Time Timer® 8″

The most popular and versatile Time Timer® 8″  – 20 cm gives you the power of a visual timer in a lightweight, accessible size.


  • Increase productivity by breaking projects into manageable segments
  • Keep meetings and appointments on schedule
  • Manage the stress of traveling by showing “how much longer”
  • Reduce conflicts over whose turn it is with computers and games
  • Trade chaos for order in family and household routines



  • Patented red disk that disappears as time elapses
  • No ticking, no distractions, no setup required
  • Optional audible signal when time is up
  • Free-standing or wall-mounted options
  • One AA battery is required for operation (not included).
  • Our 8-inch  – 20 cm Time Timer features

Battery must be Alkaline 1.5V or the timer will not work. Time Timer Plus requires 1.5V AA Battery (Not included).
Alkaline batteries are recommended. Rechargeable batteries are 1.2-1.25V and sadly do not supply enough voltage to run the clock.