Squeeze Squirrel in a Stump

Squeeze the rubbery stump and presto!

Up pops a little squirrel!

Release some finger pressure and he slowly disappears back down inside his stump!
Squeeze Squirrel In a Stump is a wonderfully fun fine motor, finger skill-building toy that strengthens fingers.


An entertaining desk toy and engaging therapy toy for teaching kids about (and letting them practice) how to grade their finger pressure.
Kiddos can use one or both hands to play.
You’ll adore this friendly little squirrel friend who will quickly become your favourite new finger strengthening toy!

Sold as a Single – Colour combination selected at random.

Recommended for ages 3 and above.

These fidgets are made from soft rubbery material, so can be pulled apart – not recommended for kids who require intense sensory input or those who like to pull apart sensory toys.It will not last.
These fidget toys are not for heavy work and will burst if squeezed – please consider carefully whether the products are appropriate for you (suitable for light fidgeting only).