Smart Phone Karaoke 2.0

Ahhh karaoke, a novelty once reserved for those who were willing to brave the nightlife and hit the karaoke bars!

Now you can sing your heart out to your favourite songs anywhere, anytime in the comfort of your own home with Smartphone Karaoke!

Capture your wonderful warbling on camera and share the recording with your mates on social media! Why not upload a video to Snapchat or YouTube?!

The mini Microphone will pick up your singing, so that you can hear your voice (and your backing tune) through the earbuds. How nifty is that?

So open up a karaoke app, pick a track and hit some high notes. There’s no specific app required to use with your Smartphone Karaoke kit, simply choose your preferred free app!

Your pack contains: A mini microphone (that can also be used for phone calls), and earbuds with silicone tips.

Sold as a Single

Compatible with any iPhone or android smartphone through a 3.5mm audio jack (if using the iPhone7 you will need to use the supplied headphone jack adapter).