Shirt Saver ClipOn – Star 3 pack

Chewy Charms 

Chewer: Medium

For kids who like to chew on their clothes, fingers, hair….anything really… we have the unique, Chewy Charms designed, Shirt Saver ClipOns!

Designed to clip onto any clothing, they come in a value pack of 3. Put them onto school uniforms, or casual clothes, they are versatile, light weight and accessible.

The round edges of the beads make it easy for the wearer to work it to the back of the mouth between the molars for maximum vestibular stimulation and the calming effect that it can bring. It is threaded on strong, but soft, cord that is very durable. The plastic clip is designed to clamp onto clothing to keep the chew in place.


Chew Rating:
The Shirt Savers are rated for use as follow:
Hex – light infrequent use
Star – medium use, moderate chewing
Circle – heavy use


3 pack
Light Blue Star shape
Rated for medium use, moderate chewing
Metal and BPA Free, non toxic silicone
Super strong silky breakaway safety cord
Chew zone 10 x 4.5cm

Recommended for 4yrs+

N.B. Chews are considered to be a consumable item and are not designed to last forever. When you see signs of wear and tear discard your chew.