Shirt Saver ClipOn – Hex

3 pack – Per Single Pack

Chewer: Light

For kids who like to chew on their clothes, fingers, hair….anything really… we have the unique, Chewy Charms designed, Shirt Saver ClipOns!

Designed to clip onto any clothing, they come in a value pack of 3.

Put them onto school uniforms, or casual clothes, they are versatile, light weight and accessible.

The round edges of the beads make it easy for the wearer to work it to the back of the mouth between the molars for maximum vestibular stimulation and the calming effect that it can bring. It is threaded on strong, but soft, cord that is very durable.

The plastic clip is designed to clamp onto clothing to keep the chew in place.

Comfortable and Durable
No sharp edges: The soft silky texture of our beads makes this piece as comfortable as it is beautiful. There are no sharp or hard edges to any of our beads or clasps and they are strung on a strong yet soft cord.

High quality cord: The cord used on our jewellery is thick and luxurious to touch, our high quality cords are comfortable and not abrasive on your skin.

Adjustable: All of the jewellery in our Chewy Charms collection is fully adjustable. Every piece is generously designed so the length can be easily shortened for your personal preference and maximum comfort. Simply break open the clasp, push the cord through so that you can see the knot, tie another knot at your desired length and trim the excess cord.

Light weight: Chewy Charms chewable fashion is light weight making it perfect as a daily accessory.
No metals: There are no components in our products that can rust or discolour. You can wear all of our chewy jewellery in the bath, shower, at the beach or even in the swimming pool. When you choose a piece of Chewy Charms jewellery you will have a gorgeous piece for many years to come.


Chewy Charms chewable fashion jewellery and teething products are crafted entirely from beads that are:
100 % food grade silicon,
100 % BPA free silicon,fe80b3aeefeb404da6aeed87505e466e
contain no phthalates,
contain no metals (safe for children or adults with medical conditions e.g. pacemakers),
are non-toxic,
are durable,
heat resistant,
certified by: SGS/FDA/LFGB
Easy Care
Our lovely soft chewy jewellery is easy to keep clean because it is safe to wear and wash in water.

Clean by hand: Cleaned by hand using a clean damp cloth and warm soapy water. Then rinse off and dry.
Dishwasher: Put into the dishwasher on the top shelf (below 65C).

Sterilise: Steam or boil the jewellery to sterilise it. Follow the manufacturers instructions of your baby bottle/equipment steriliser, or boil for 5 minutes on the stove in a pot (ensure your product is covered in water at all times).

WARNING: Ensure the product is dry and a safe temperature, before giving it to a child or placing on your skin.