Sherlock Card Game

Sherlock Card game is a memory and logic game all in one. Players need to remember each clue as it goes past to keep Sherlock moving on.

A memory game for the whole family, Sherlock is loads of fun!

As the Sherlock card goes around and searches the clues, players need to try and remember each clue as it goes past. At the beginning of the game, each player tries to remember each of the eight items in the circle before they are turned facedown.

Each time Sherlock stops at a facedown card, the player has to remember what object is on that card. If the player guesses correctly Sherlock gets to keep moving. If Sherlock travels to a previously revealed card, then the player gets to keep that card.

The first player to get 6 cards wins!

15 mins
2 – 5 players
Age 5+ years
50 playing cards & a set of instructions