The Sensory Support Flip Book Guide

A practical and information new resource by Sally McNamara, Occupational Therapist

This is the second publication developed by paediatric occupational therapist and author Sally McNamara after the success of her first book The Motor Skill Flip Book Program.

This easy to use resource for therapists, teachers, and aides helps to identify the unique sensory needs of individuals so that appropriate and effective strategies can be put in place to help them achieve a regulated state.

The book is broken down into six main sensory areas: Visual, Auditory, Vestibular (movement), Proprioceptive (body awareness), Tactile (touch, including touch in the mouth) and Gustatory (taste and smell).


The 3 colour coded options aim to capture the responses or behaviours of a person who it either:

  • Under Sensitive – I need more (green)
  • Over Sensitive – I need less (red)
  • Inconsistent/Less Obvious – Mixed (orange)

Once the above is identified, the reader can refer to the corresponding flip card to find initial strategies that may be trialled to help support and achieve a state of regulation.