Sensory Kit 12

Sensory Kits are a great way relieve stress and calm children at school and in the home.

Sensory imputs help children to calm and self regulate themselves.


It this kit you will find

  • 1 x Scratch Magic Notes
  • 1 x Balance Ball Game
  • 1 x Pop It – Random Shape and Colour
  • 1 x Putty – Crystal
  • 1x Putty
  • 1x Unicorn Squeeze Egg
  • 1x Animal Twist – Puzzle Block – Jungle
  • 1x Two Tone Bracelet
  • 1 x Colour Change Ball
  • 1x  3 Dimple Pop It Key Chain
  • 1x 2 Dimple Pop It key Chain
  • 1 x Snap and Pop= Colour Selected at Random
  • 1 x Pea Pod Fidget
  • 1 x  Marble Fidget
  • 1 x Bendable Man – Small
  • 1 x  Soft Cotton bag to store items in
    Please let us know if you need Female or Male Colours

Items Selected at Random
Items subject to change with availablity
Please note photos and items may vary

Retail price $115

Sale price $100