Sand & Water Play Tray Clear

This sand & water clear tray is portable and ideal for the classroom or outdoors. A great sand and water resource, this tub is great for minimising mess and for providing the children with a place to play.

Each of these trays come with deep side walls and clear plastic finish that is durable and UV stabilised to take the outdoor elements. Children will enjoy watching the movement of light and water whilst playing and they can experiment with other items in this handy tray. This also serves as a great storage device and is easy to store away to be taken out and used when it is needed.

These tubs are large enough to give the children plenty of room to play and they are lightweight to carry items around the classroom and playground. This allows the tub to be moved in or out of the sun or shade. These tubs allow multiple children to play with them at once helping promote teamwork and encouraging the children to work together or alongside each other. The clear tub allows the children to see what is in the tub at all times to further their understanding of the properties of sand and water.

Size: 70(L) x 50(W) x 15cm(H).


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