Rush Hour Jr.

Help! The Ice Cream Truck is stuck in traffic. Just like the classic Rush Hour® game, you shift the blocked cars and trucks out of your way to clear a path to the exit. 40 Challenges ranging from beginner (One Scoop) to expert (Banana Split), are specially designed for kids ages 6-8.

After setting up their game board according to pictures on various challenge cards, players steer their ice cream truck through a jumble of blocking cars, trucks and buses. A playful theme and 40 age-appropriate challenges will keep even the most restless child captivated for hours.

• 15 Traffic jam cars, trucks, buses and fire trucks
• One traffic grid
• One cool Ice Cream Truck
• 40 Beginner-to-expert challenge cards designed for kids ages 6-8
• Handy travel bag
• Kids and parents instruction/tip booklet.