Remindables –  Good Morning Sunshine

The are an add on to Our help or My Help Chart 

You’re here because getting out the door in the morning needs a little assistance! Our ‘Good Morning Sunshine’ tiles are the perfect visual tool to do just that.


Make Bed, Breakfast, Screen Free Time, Get Dressed, Brush Hair, Brush Teeth, Toilet, Clean Face, Wash Hands, Pack Bag, Shoes On

Size: Each receptive tile is 30x30mm

Note: The receptive tiles are not magnetic. They are a special, thin material (like paper thin) that will stick only to our Remindables Charts only.

It’s no secret that we are all different. To celebrate that, we’ve created our charts to suit your specific needs and wants as they change. Our range of tiles allows you to use your chart in numerous ways:

to establish the morning or night routine
to schedule the days events
to remind you and your child of what to pack each day
to display a homework schedule
to show what’s happening at and after school
to teach how we help run a household
– we have them all!
To check them out, simply head back to the Shop and check out our ‘add on’ sets or the ‘you choose’ option.

Warning: Please be aware that this product contains small parts and therefore may be a swallowing hazard to young children under 4. Careful adult supervision is strongly recommended