Oogi Bongo or  Oogi Pilla

Oogi Bongo and Oogi Pilla are versatile sensory toys with more depth than may be first apparent.

Moluk encourages children to experiment and explore while stimulating their imagination and senses. Their range of toys are powered by children’s imaginations. No on or off buttons – just imaginative play. What a great thing!




The caterpillar Pilla is made from super soft elasticated silicone. The different size suction feet allows children to experiment with sticking Pilla to surfaces then ripping Pilla off to hear the rapid popping sound of the feet.

The alien Bongo also has suction feet and can be positioned in endless different postures. His head can be filled with water or other objects.

Combined with other Moluk characters, the possibilities are endless.

Colors: green, orange
DImensions: Oogi Bongo 5.8 x 11cm, Oogi Pilla 16×4.5cm
BPA-free, phthalate-free, latex-free
Safe, durable and easy to clean.