Never Give Up!


When one of your children has Autism Spectrum Disorder, the whole family is affected and it has an impact on every area of life: sleep, scheduling, emotional and mental health, finances, food, holidays, clothing, education, and more!


“Never Give Up: Riding the Emotional Rollercoaster of an Autism Parent” is the deeply personal story of Monique’s introduction to autism through her daughter’s diagnosis at the age of 3 and the lessons she has learned as the parent of not one, but two, autistic children. It is the story of high hopes, shattered dreams, and the constant struggle to learn how to love and nurture their precious children and stay sane and hopeful in the face of daily challenges that every parent of an autistic child faces.


Monique shares her practical and emotional struggles honestly along with the lessons she learned along the way about herself, about life, and about loving her children and accepting them for who they are. The book is filled with practical tips and insights that will help anyone who deals with the daily challenges of engaging children with autism and helping them achieve their potential.

This is an inspiring book that you can read yourself for insight into daily life with an autistic child or share with friends and family who have children with autism. You can read it from cover to cover or dip into it for the practical advice and encouragement that radiates from every page.

Paperback -167 pages

About the author

Monique Cain

Hi, my name’s Monique and I am the mother of two very special children: Madi and Thomas. Every parent knows that their children are special … but ours really are! They are both beautiful, and they are both autistic.