Miniland Memo Games: Values Education

This game is ideally for 2 students, with 6 being the max.

Miniland Educational presents the Pair Game – Learning Values from their excellent Parenting Tools Collection
Values, Civility and Tolerance are now a snap to teach kids with this easy and delightful matching method

Other values explored are: Gender quality, racial diversity, kindness, manners and much more!

Includes 12 Activity Cards and Guide – Suitable for kids age 3-6 years old – Sized at 13 x 13-inches

Miniland provides educational experiences for children – but never forgets the crucial value of imaginative play


In addition to this, with our miniland teach&play educational platform you can combine this product with free resources and games to broaden the educational experience.

1 Box Board, 16 Game pieces, 12 Game Cards, 1 brochure.