Miniland Emotiblocks

This is a game designed to teach children aged 2 and older how to recognize facial expressions and identify them with emotional states, discover basic emotions, develop tolerance, empathy, and respect for racial diversity, and improve their vocabulary speaking and listening skills.

You will find 6 characters with changeable bodies and faces that represent different emotions, as well as different to change their personality. This Emotiblocks game is a fun way of exploring our first emotions by carrying out a variety of activities that involve observing and feeling. There are over 100 possible combinations! This set of characters with interchangeable pieces enable the child to freely create likeable characters.


The game is designed for children aged 2 and over and is based on the following characteristics:

  • Recognition and identification of facial gestures.
  • Recognition and identification of basic emotions.
  • Learning of values: tolerance, empathy, racial diversity.
  • Acquisition of vocabulary.

Recommended for children 2 – 6 years.