Learning to Be Kind and Understand Differences: Empathy Skills for Kids With AD/HD

Did you know that there are ways to understand how other people think and feel? That’s called empathy, and it is a skill you can learn!

Empathy helps you get along with other people — your family, your friends, your teammates — everyone you know!

Packed with exercises, pointers, and fun activities, this book will help you:

See different points of view
Understand that everyone shows their feelings differently
Pay attention to your feelings
Look for clues about what others are feeling
Learn the connection between thoughts and feelings
Brainstorm about why other people feel the way they do

Learning to Be Kind and Understand Differences also includes a note and resources for parents. When you build your empathy skills you will get along better with other people — and feel good about yourself, too!

by Judith Glasser and Jill Menkes Kushner

Format:128 pages

Soft Cover