Learning Patch® Autism Classroom Essentials Pack


Comprises 3 resources to support learning and management of behaviours during school.


Resources include:

Communication Book – captures daily insights in defined areas of focus, to track progress and identify strategies to proactively bring out the best in each child.  It also contains advice on how to prepare children for school, guide behavior, and fun stickers with positive feedback.

First/Then Schedule Pad – a planning tool for children with impaired planning skills, attention deficits, and children who experience anxiety. By incorporating the First/Then Pad into learning, you can alleviate unneeded anxiety by helping the child understand the activities to come.

Task Tracker – a visual timeline to keep children motivated and on task towards completing a learning activity.  It’s also a great way to build a child's positive self-talk, teach them focus and build self motivation. The double sided Task Tracker is blue on one side and magenta on the other. Comes white board marker.