Lava Flow

Lava Flow is fluffy, spongy, and expands just like bubbling lava from a volcano!

It really is seemingly alive as it expands and bubbles up, flowing before your very eyes!

Mould it into a ball or squeeze it into a cup, then watch as it grows – erupting into a tumbling pile like fluffy sand!

It's a great calming after-school activity, and the perfect stocking filler for Christmas.

Gently squish, squash, flatten and mould it for strengthening muscle tone in little hands!


Available in 4 bright colours: Pink, blue, yellow and green (chosen at random).Sold as a Single

Please note: If you have a colour preference, please let us know


Recommended for ages 5 and up.

Wash hands before and after use, then place back in container.

Avoid contact with fabric, furniture and carpet.