LaQ- Crystal 400

The all new Crystal 400 set is a unique addition to the LaQ universe, adding the translucent clear parts in 4 different colours.

This set includes 400 pieces using all 7 basic types of LaQ parts in 4 crystal colours (Clear Yellow, Clear Red, Clear Blue, Clear).

It includes a booklet of instructions to make 15 models , including a spinning top, glass slipper, frog, ring, swan, jellyfish, spider, tropical juice, candy, jewellery box, pegasus, crown, teddy bear, geoball and castle.

Product information
Special / Hamacron Wheel Parts: None included
Includes Crystal parts: Yes

Recommended for age 5 years old to adults

LaQ (pronounced as La Kyuu) is a very simple, yet highly creative construction toy.

Made in Japan for over 25 years, it delights children of all ages with a building experience using their senses of sight, sound and touch.

LaQ accelerates left and right brain learning simply through play, and has been widely used in educational centres around the world

Its uniqueness comes from its Japanese design – just 7 types of block parts (2 base parts and 5 connector parts) allow you to make an infinite possibility of creative 2D and 3D models.

Snap! Click! Sensory Play with LaQ


Most children can start playing with LaQ from 5 years old. LaQ engages children in sensory play using:

Sight – over 12 bright visually appealing colours.

Sound – LaQ parts make a fun “snap” sound when connecting, letting you know that the parts are firmly connected.

Touch – which starts with the feel of the high Japanese quality, but also from the satisfying Snap connection. To some people, this is similar to popping bubble wrap!

By being engaged with all of their senses, children easily concentrate and learn simply through playing