Language Set

This box edition of flashcards addresses five fundamental language concepts – feelings and emotions, verbs, prepositions, categories, go togethers and opposites.

200 double-sided cards measuring 5.9” x 3.9” (15 x 10 cm).
On the front is a clear and interesting image.


On the reverse is a description of the image (one word) eg ‘eating’ is written on the reverse side of the lady eating a slice of pizza.
Color coded dividers are used to organise the language concepts in a clear and simple way.


Teaching these language concepts helps your student to develop critical thinking, logical reasoning and language skills.

Teaching Targets
Go Togethers
Teaching Support
Comes with a step-by-step activities guide, suitable for early through to more advanced learners.

Activity ideas cover:

  • touching
  • sorting
  • saying
  • suggestions on how to explore categories further