Kiddies Affirmation Kards

46 beautifully illustrated positive guidance and affirmation cards are a powerful self-care tool for kids and teens to help manage feelings of anxiety and low self esteem whilst encouraging them to build an unwavering sense of self belief, inner strength, confidence, self love and self worth.

No one will influence a childs life more than their own thoughts will. By encouraging our children to learn positive self talk and create their own unique self care tool kit filled with self belief and self love, you’ll help them live their lives with a feeling of empowerment, resilience, inner peace, self acceptance and happiness.

Create a beautiful daily affirmation ritual that the whole family will benefit from.


 Sold as a Single- Available in 4 Bright Coloured Boxes – Red, Yellow Blue Pink

Suitable for 4 years to tweens, special needs & the whole family.