KAPLA Art Book

The KAPLA Art Book  is the perfect addition to your KAPLA set.  This book includes a range of different KAPLA construction ideas with a high level of difficulty suitable for ages 4  years and up.  KAPLA has published four different hard-cover art books featuring models to suit different age groups and abilities, from beginners through to advanced builders.

The KAPLA art books are high quality, colour publications comprising photographs and hand-sketched technical drawings to guide the imagination through the endless possibilities of building with KAPLA.  The creations in each book are designed to inspire a range of abilities and age groups. Buildings, monuments, animals or geometric shapes, you are only limited by your imagination!

Building with KAPLA is a great learning activity to help kids gain an understanding of balance and proportion, as well as an interest in architecture, building and design.  KAPLA Planks are an excellent STEM educational tool, perfect for at home or as a learning resource for teachers in the classroom.

Constructing with KAPLA is great for both groups or individuals, perfect for families or as an activity to keep kids (and adults) busy at a birthday party or special event!

Key Learning Outcomes – Creativity, Logical Thinking, Cognitive Development, Teamwork

Available in:

Art Book – Beige  – 4 years and up 

Art Book- Blue – 8 years and up 

Art Book – Green-  4 years and up 

Art Book – Red – 6 years and up