Illusion Cube

The 24 double-sided Illusion Cube tiles inside this box will allow you to explore, create and amaze yourself as you build your very own optical illusions. The Illusion Cubes come with 120 challenges, split into 8 different levels of difficulty, to get you started, before you begin making your own remarkable illusory creations!

How To Play:
One face on each side of the Illusion Cube has been “lowered”, to allow certain faces to slide together; the upper face of one tile can overlap all or part of the lower face of an adjacent cube. And it is as easy as that – connect the pieces by overlapping in order to complete challenges or make your own illusory shapes! Just be careful to follow the permitted tile placements (provided below).
Permitted Tile Placements: Point to point, point to side and stepped tiles
Non-permitted Tile Placements: piggy backed tiles, isolated tiles, gaps between the sides of tiles and tiles not in full contact with the playing surface.

Includes: 24 double-sided tiles and 120 challenges

The Illusion Cubes by Happy Puzzle Company fosters a whole range of skills in all ages and is the perfect coffee table game or classroom game to support learning and development in the following areas: sequencing, spatial awareness, visual perception, strategic planning, problem solving, logic and fast thinking!

Suitable for Ages: 6 – Adult | Players: 1