Foucault’s Pendulum


The Foucault’s Pendulum is named after the French physicist Léon Foucault and was first used in 1851 to demonstrate the the Earth does, indeed rotate.


Bring this modern version home and watch as the pendulum swings through the fine sand inscribing an ever changing geometric pattern. The patterns get bigger then smaller then bigger again as the arc of the pendulum changes.


The mass of the bob has no effect on the speed at which the pendulum swings, known as the period. Instead the most important factor is the length of the swinging arm.


Perfect for the procrastinating professional to sit proudly on a desk in the office or at home.





Draw amazing geometric patterns in the sand with the pendulum

Learn about physics and the effects of Earth’s rotation

A good way to soothe a stressed mind

Great as an executive gift


Measurements: 38cm tall