Expand Shoelaces – Original No-Tie


Sick of tying laces, or worrying about them coming undone? Want an easy way for the kids to get their shoes on and off independently?

Elastic laces are a fantastic way to solve the never ending shoe lace problem! It’s hard enough to buy them shoes, let alone ones that don’t have laces. Or you’re constantly re-tying them and settling with laces dragging on the ground.
These high quality, very well thought out elastic lace kits, mean they are discreet, look great, and create independence for your kids to be able to get their shoes on and off. Of course us adults could use do with this too, after those long hard days!

Personalise your shoes, to suit your personality or style. Or get a few sets to change it up each week!

Secure Fit

Set it and forget it with our patented lace anchor technology. Zero distractions, perfect support, all day long.

Adjustable Tension

Designed to move with you and work for you. Need more compression? Need more room? Xpand laces are easy to adjust on the fly.

One Size Fits All

No need to search for the right size and hope for the best. Whether you’re shopping for an adult or a child, sneakers, or boots, you can’t go wrong. Trim to your desired length and you’re good to go!


2 x Xpand Elastic Laces – Flat
4 x Lace Anchors
4 x End Clips